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Welcome to the Churchfields Open Space Website

Churchfield is a public open space of appox 3.5 acres With a enclosed dog walk area, childrens play area, a enclosed younger childrens playground and an open space of grass and trees known as Willow Garth. Churchfield Open Space Committee (COSC) manage and maintain Churchfield and are independant of Wigginton Parish Council who own the site. The committee meet on a regular basis at Wigginton Recreation Hall. For more information please see all our news by visiting our news page and keep up-to-date with our future plans by reading the Minutes of our Committee meetings.

Our History

Churchfield is an area of open space in the centre of the village. It is used for the playground and dog walk field and was made available as part of the Barratt Development Agreement to the parish of Wigginton in 1990. It is subject to a covenant and can only be used for recreational activities. Providing the terms of the agreement are not broken the land remains under the ownership of Wigginton Parish Council in perpetuity. The original agreement document is lodged with Wigginton Parish Council’s records. The Open Space Committee pays an annual rent to the Parish Council for the lease of the land, which runs until 2030.

All the equipment on the site is managed by Churchfield Open Space 

UPDATE 2018\2019.

The committee have continued to manage and improve Churchfield Open Space throughout the past 12 months.

We are proud to say that for the third year running we have been successfully gained a Green flag Community Award for our open space in 2018. Janet and I went along to the award ceremony held in Dewsbury in June to collect our community plaque. An application to be assessed for 2019 has been submitted.

The dog field continues to be a very popular place for residents to exercise their pets. Regular inspections take place and holes are filled by committee members. In July a large tree was blown down near the entrance falling into the gym area this was promptly dealt with. We have had the field treated for knotgrass by our grass cutting contractor.

Willow Garth has had wild flower seeds scattered around the perimeter but due to the extremely dry summer very little germinated. In October high winds caused damage to a Willow Tree this was dealt with by our tree surgeons (YTS)  

In the play area we fitted a new basket to our basket swing, we also purchased a wet pour repair kit, this has enabled us to carry out maintenance on the soft safety surface as required. Other minor repairs have been carried out as needed. The play area continues to be a much used and valued space by our local community.

The outdoor gym is getting more use than ever with people of all ages taking advantage of the equipment throughout the year. In July we replaced the Air Walker that had worn bearings with a replacement at a cost of £2080 courtesy of a grant from the Duke of York Community Initiative.

Our major project for 2018 was Kick About. This was to replace the worn out football area with a 4g artificial surface. We started fundraising in March with applications sent to 36 grant providers and 14 of these were successful. Funds were also raised locally with donations from residents in both Haxby & Wigginton. Collection boxes in shops, pubs and businesses have provided much needed support as well as plant & produce sales.

One grant provider Aviva needed the public to vote for chosen projects, we were able to get 1641 votes enabling a grant of £1000 to be made. Thank you to all who voted.                                          

The first job we tackled was to trim back overhanging branches from nearby trees. Next the goal posts were lowered and hoops added for basketball/netball this was funded by Local Giving “Magic Little Grants”.

 With grants from Wigginton Parish Council & the Ward Committee added to previous grants and fundraising we were able to give West Yorkshire Lawns the go ahead to install in December. The pitch has proved to be a tremendous success with many complimentary comments made on the Chuchfield Facebook & Twitter pages. On Boxing Day a Dads versus Kids match took place (The kids won!)

We have been accepted to receive grants from the Co-op for future maintenance of the pitch. The amount we receive depends on customers choosing us as their local good cause.

Looking forward to this year Churchfield has been chosen by Tesco Bags of Help to get a grant, the amount depends on how many customer votes we secure. This will help fund a onsite secure storage unit to store maintenance items currently in my and Barry`s garages.

I am pleased to say we have experienced very little Anti-social Behaviour or vandalism, evidence of drug taking has been observed and reported to the police. In September & October Anti-social Behaviour always increases in our town & village we took the precaution of locking the gates to the play areas at dusk during this time.

A VERY BIG THANK YOU to all who have supported your Open Space over the last 12 months.   The committee remain committed to keeping Churchfield Open Space a high quality facility for our local community to use and enjoy.

The Members of the Churchfield Open Space Committee would like to extend a special thank you to our Chairman, Richard Denton and our Secretary Janet Denton for their outstanding fundraising achievements and their determined efforts to maintain the high standards which have now been awarded to the site.