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Welcome to the Churchfields Open Space Website

Churchfield is a public open space of appox 3.5 acres With a enclosed dog walk area, childrens play area, a enclosed younger childrens playground and an open space of grass and trees known as Willow Garth. Churchfield Open Space Committee (COSC) manage and maintain Churchfield and are independant of Wigginton Parish Council who own the site. The committee meet on a regular basis at Wigginton Recreation Hall. For more information please see all our news by visiting our news page and keep up-to-date with our future plans by reading the Minutes of our Committee meetings.


Our History

Churchfield is an area of open space in the centre of the village. It is used for the playground and dog walk field and was made available as part of the Barratt Development Agreement to the parish of Wigginton in 1990. It is subject to a covenant and can only be used for recreational activities. Providing the terms of the agreement are not broken the land remains under the ownership of Wigginton Parish Council in perpetuity. The original agreement document is lodged with Wigginton Parish Council’s records. The Open Space Committee pays an annual rent to the Parish Council for the lease of the land, which runs until 2030.

All the equipment on the site is managed by Churchfield Open Space 

UPDATE 2017\FEB 2018

The committee have continued to manage and improve Churchfield Open Space throughout the past 12 months. 

Earlier in the year Andy Mulholland and the children from the Wild Gardening Club planted various native bulbs and wild flowers in the Willow Garth area. Willow Garth is looking better as each year goes by and the birds are making full use of the nesting boxes and feeders.

During the course of 2017 we improved the dog walk area by further thinning the copse and grinding the stumps of the felled trees.   In December we planted 2 new Copper Beech trees in the dog walk field.   At the request of users we have installed 2 boot scrapers at the field entrances.  Volunteers have continued to fill the holes our canine friends love to dig!

The outdoor gym is now an established popular feature and some hardy residents have been spotted using the equipment early on the cold and frosty mornings during the winter months.   Andrew Digby's fitness classes every  Friday mornings have proved beneficial and we anticipate their increased popularity in the year to come.  

During the summer months York City Football Club ran weekly kick-about sessions n Haxby & Wigginton using the Churchfield site.  These sessions were well attended and enjoyed by all.  

The younger children have benefited this year  by the installation of  interactive play panels.  These have proved extremely popular.

As a result of the failure of the old gate to the children's play area failing its recent safety inspection, a new replacement hydraulic gate has been fitted to the enclosed play space.

Repairs have been carried out to some of the older equipment including the springer and the basket swing also the wetpour areas have been maintained as required by the quarterly safety inspections carried out on the site.

The boundary hedge on the Greenshaw Drive side of the Open Space,    was thinned out to stop it pushing over residents fences.

On the downside we have experienced various acts of vandalism and Anti Social Behaviour. Instances include graffiti, damage to equipment, broken glass and late night noise. The graffiti and damage were rectified promptly.  The local Police were notified and members of the committee have kept a close eye on the site. The play areas are now locked at night to help improve the security of the site.   Around Halloween period large groups of youths, not necessarily from the Haxby & Wigginton area,  caused distress in the Greenshaw Drive area.  Members of the committee visited Churchfield on several occasions whilst this Anti Social Behaviour was taking place and  spoke to groups of young people with a view to defusing the situation.  This was affective and the youths moved on.

Litter continues to be a problem especially from our `late night visitors` volunteers 'litter pick' on a regular basis.

Following recommendations from our Safety and Green Flag Inspectors the signage to the Churchfield site have been improved and renewed.  

The Churchfield Open Space site has yet again received a Green Flag Community Award.  This award recognises the excellent management of our community run open space. An application has been submitted for an award for 2018 and, finger crossed,  the maintenance and management skills of the local community  will be rewarded by an award for the 3rd year in a row.

Managing and improving our 3.5 acre open space takes both time and money.  We are grateful to Wigginton Parish Council and York City Council Ward Committe for the annual grants, and we would wish to express the Committees appreciation of their support.   

The local community continue to support Churchfield by way of contributions by way of  collection boxes sited at The Cottage Inn and Wigginton Stores . 

Donations  made using the website are a welcome source of income and enable us to claim gift aid on these contributions.

A special thanks to the Clerk to Wigginton Parish Council,  David Geary,  for production a  'Wigginton Street Map'.  This had been made available at many local businesses.  Donations received for the Map go to Churchfield funds. 

Wigginton Parish Council  have authorised improvements to the Open Space by widening the path on Church Lane and they are continuing to maintain the trees bordering the footpath.

The committee remain committed to managing and maintaining the Churchfield Open Space Site as a high quality facility for our local community of whatever age or ability to use and enjoy.   

We would take this opportunity to thank anyone who has volunteered, donated or generally supported the Committee over the past year.  


he Members of the Churchfield Open Space Committee would like to extend a special thank you to our Chairman, Richard Denton and our Secretary Janet Denton for their outstanding fundraising achievements and their determined efforts to maintain the high standards which have now been awarded to the site.